CUNITY Conversations: Toxic Sweatshops: Regulating the Import of Hazardous Electronics with Allie Robbins

Come join us for the fourth and final installment of our discussion series, CUNITY Conversations!

CUNITY Conversations is a discussion series designed to create discussion around a particular topic. It is an informal time to get together, hang out, and talk about a relevant social justice issue.

The next installment of the CUNITY Conversation series is Wednesday, April 1, from 1-2:45 pm, in the Community Room, 3/116.

Bring your lunch and join us for snacks plus great conversation discussing Allie Robbin’s article, “Toxic Sweatshops: Regulating the Import of Hazardous Electronics.”

The article discusses the rise in consumer use of personal electronic devices and how it has led to a boom in electronics manufacturing worldwide. Along with the expansion of production have come serious questions about the safety of production processes, as large numbers of workers and their children have become seriously ill. This article proposes that the United States, as a leading importer of electronic devices and components, create an Electronics Import Safety Commission to make sure that both workers and consumers are safe. This commission, modeled after the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, would monitor and regulate electronics manufacturing and would enhance transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

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