Equity & Efficiency: The Role and Practice of Diversity in Legal Scholarship

Four CUNY Law Editors (Violeta Arciniega, Digital Articles Editor; Elizabeth Koo, Editor-in-Chief; Julie Pennington, Managing Articles Editor; and Nabila Taj, Managing Editor) cowrote a blog post for Ms. JD about their experiences trying to expand diversity on law reviews:

Law journals are thought centers of innovative arguments for social change. They are platforms to challenge norms and disseminate bold concepts into the marketplace of ideas to influence courts, inform legislators, and shape public opinion.

This means that diversity initiatives are crucial to the legal profession and to the culture of law school, and law journals specifically, because they work to correct the persistent underrepresentation of the people fighting prejudice and poverty, dealing with the consequences of racially-biased laws, and surviving in a society unwilling to accommodate their needs.

The rest of “Equity & Efficiency: The Role and Practice of Diversity in Legal Scholarship” is available on the Ms. JD Blog.

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